Fresh Farm Food
Mile End Farm

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Our laying hens, meat chickens, and turkeys arrive as day-old chicks vaccinated against diseases such as mareks and coccidiosis. Our spacious barns allow plenty of room per bird, which enables us to provide birds with a natural beak (no trimming or burning). With a natural beak your birds can forage easily in their environment. We have in-barn roosts (perches) so birds know what to do when they get to your farm.

Young birds are raised in our barn until they are mature enough to live outside on pasture or in your coop. Beginning January 1, 2016, all chicken sales will be handled by White House Stables. They will begin selling young laying hens (pullets) at about 4 weeks of age. If you purchase your chickens at this early age they will become friendly and calm in your company. This is a great feature in a back-yard bird. As well, it is easier to introduce younger birds into an already established flock.  

We also sell live rabbits for those who would like to grow their own. We won't sell until 6 weeks of age when they will cost you $7.50. Beyond 6 weeks add $1.25/week.

We have a contact who has exotic roosters for good homes (not to be eaten) and are happy to arrange a free rooster if available.