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Why grow Label Rouge (click for link) Style Chickens?

When we started farming at Mile End Farm a major goal was to help Vancouver Island become more self sufficient and food secure. When we raise meat-chickens on grains imported from the prairie, this isn't really happening. This is one of the reasons we started growing our meat-chickens in tractors on pasture. We felt we were replacing about 15% of their grain diet with pasture products, grass, bugs, worms, etc. This was evident in the yellow colour of the chicken's fat caused by stores of desirable omega fatty acids, vitamin D and beta carotene. 

With Label Rouge Style Chickens all these benefits are amplified. When these chickens are grown on pasture, in a tractor or allowed to free range, we feel that at least 30% of their diet is composed of pasture products. This fact will be appreciated by the producer as feed costs are less and the result is greater stores of desirable omega fatty acids, vitamin D and beta carotene and a taste and texture that we feel is superior to the regular white meat-chicken. 

Because these chickens grow slower, they tend to be resilient against heart attacks, lameness and respiratory ailments. You will have beautiful healthy birds that are able to free-range on your pasture, and they will delight you on your dinner table.