Fresh Farm Food
Mile End Farm

Why buy laying hens from Mile End Farm?

  • our chickens have natural beaks and are vaccinated, they eat non-medicated, natural, all-vegetable feed
  • our chickens have plenty of room to move and grow in our safe, heated barns
  • different from most growers we have roosts (perches) in our barn
  • we sell commercial hybrids and heritage breeds; we can fill your order, large or small



We grow Bovan Red, laying hens. We also grow Sasso meat chickens and Orlopp Bronze turkeys. 


We now sell all our birds through White House Stables. Please see "Chicken Sales" page for information on ordering your chickens. If it is more convenient, you can still pick up your chickens right here at our farm. Please talk to Nicky at White House Stables about Cowichan Valley pick up dates.

Effective December 15, 2016 our brooder barn will be a net producer of electricity. This will mean our birds are 100% solar powered. We feel this is a great step forward and are sure that people buying your products (eggs or meat) produced from our "solar powered" birds will be happy to pay a slight premium. Please talk to Nicky about a "green solar powered chicken" sign for your farm stand.