Mile End Farm

White House Stables
9774 West Saanich Road,
North Saanich, BC
V8L 5T5, 
(250) 656-8701

All laying hens and meat birds from Mile End Farm will now be sold through White House Stables in Saanich BC. Norm and Nicky Wylie of White House Stables will be selling birds to backyard chicken enthusiasts in the southern Vancouver Island area. Please click here to visit their website or call Norm or Nicky to make inquiries or to place your order. If you are north of the Malahat and would like to still pick up your birds at our farm, please talk to Nicky about Cowichan Valley pick up dates. 

Effective December 15, 2016 our barn will be a net producer of electricity. This will mean our birds are 100% solar powered. There will be a slight surcharge for these birds but we are sure your customers will be happy to pay slightly more for the products (meat or eggs) that these birds produce.

For 2017, we will only be doing 2 runs of meat and laying birds. One with a mid-March hatch date (ready mid-April) and one with a mid-June hatch ready mid-July.

White House Stables is also a local distributor of Pro-Form Feed, top quality chicken feed made in the Fraser Valley.